Comprehensive video telematics

Live cameras, location tracking, event detection, and smart displays—all in a single device. Raven provides the eyes on your fleet to monitor your vehicles and drivers, for unprecedented peace of mind.




Be informed on how well your drivers are doing their jobs via alerts and in-vehicle, live-stream and recorded video.

Protect your business

Your attention is required in more places than one, so surveilling your vehicles 24/7 isn’t realistic. With Raven get critical insight into your fleet and the proof you need to protect your business in the event of an accident or break-in.

Visibility into your fleet

ShuttleWRU–Raven is the eyes on your fleet. Oversee all of your assets and drivers in real-time from one map. Raven provides customizable access to your fleet, whether you want to be alerted if something happens on the road or ensure employees are adhering to policies.

Freedom from commitment

ShuttleWRU–Raven is an all in one solution, which makes set-up simple. No locked-in contracts or shop visits for installations. Simply plus Raven in, mount it on the dash, and that vehicle is immediately online and connected.

Great Support

ShuttleWRU–Raven connects you to your team, and ours! Our support team will always be available and ready to help you get the most out of ShuttleWRU–Raven connected. If you have questions, issues, or suggestions for improvements, we’re

here to help.